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I have recently registered my first daylily. I would like to present:


*H. 'Ida Grace Baker'

*H. 'Ida Grace Baker' (Liles, 2005) TET (*H. 'Paper Butterfly' X *H. 'Border Bride') 26" EM Dor. emo. ext. frag. 6" 3-way branching. 15 buds. Nice yellow with maroon eye and picotee edge, this flower starts opening at night and is fully open and flat at first light. It lasts well into the evening and does well in cool or hot temperatures. Named in honor of Beverly's grandmother.

*H. 'Ida Grace Baker' clumps up quickly and bouquets very nicely:


(Click on any of the above pictures for a bigger view.)

Here are a few other daylilies I may register one day...

To be registered as NAKED SINGULARITY
To be registered as EVENT HORIZON
To be registered as BECKY ANNE
To be registered as DESTROYER OF WORLDS
To be registered as APACHE GLORY
To be registered as APACHE BLOODLUST
To be registered as APACHE BLAZE

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